A Prayer 

for Ireland

Ireland needs you!


On Friday, May 25th, Ireland faces a referendum vote on whether to repeal the pro-life 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution. 


At this very moment, Irish voters are considering whether to continue protecting preborn babies by preserving the 8th Amendment or to allow a massive abortion expansion in the country, with devastating results. 


The 8th Amendment has been one of the strongest life-saving laws in the world, protecting both mothers and children from abortion. Some estimates say it has saved over 100,000 lives since being enacted in 1983.


Regrettably, the abortion industry and its well-funded allies are blanketing Ireland with abortion propaganda, trying to kill the 8th Amendment to open the floodgates of profits from abortion on demand.


For those of us outside of Ireland, we can't vote in the referendum … however, we can help the faithful people of Ireland by praying for them.

Join us for 9 Days of Prayer for Ireland.


Enter your information below, and you'll receive a focused prayer each day, from May 17th to May 25th, ending on the date of the referendum vote. Together we'll ask God to work through the pro-life campaigners on the ground, the voters, and all those in Ireland who are undecided about what to do. We'll pray for them to have the strength to continue fighting until the last ballot is cast, protecting the right to life of every Irish person.


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